On board the amazing ICEBREAKER ship SHIRASE last month thanks to my friends at Weathernews, RRAO~! I met the amazing Captain Jiro and his crew and got to meet lots of little friends too who were very interested in tigers and conservation.

We raised ¥50,000 at my Ajitora booth. All the kids who came to play were pros, and they also got to learn some wild tiger facts as well.

Did you know that tigers can run up to a speed of 65 km/h? That their stripes are all unique (like humans’ fingerprints)? And that their hunting success rate is (only) 5% ^_^;; ?

Check out my attempt at my own game!!

Here’s how to play: 5 balls, 5 attempts. There are cups that are plain, cups with grass, and cups that have a wild boar. If you get the ball into a plain cup, you get to try again (up to 5 times). If you get the ball into a cup with grass, you get to win one Aji doll! If you are SUPER pro and get the ball into a cup with a wild boar, you get BONUS, Aji doll x 2!! After you succeed, you get a little quiz about tiger facts before you get to take the little Aji doll home 😀