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The tiger is a symbol for Asia. From prehistoric times to the present, tigers come only from Asia and all across Asia – ranging from West Asia Siberia and Iran all the way through Japan, Philippines and the Asia Pacific islands. As an apex species, tigers need the support of a healthy habitat to thrive. Rapid industrial development leading into the Asia Century is threatening to rampage through Asia’s rich natural environment pushing tigers to the brink of extinction. Humanity has a choice, and the balance between thoughtless development and constructive sustainability can be maintained without compromising economic growth. Leaders in Asia and the world came together in 2010, the last year of the tiger in the

100 years ago there were 100,000 tigers in the wild, today there are as few as 3,200.

Tigers will not get this chance again.

oriental zodiac, and pledged to choose coexistence with an ambitious agenda to double tigers in the wild by 2022, the next year of the tiger (Tx2). To achieve the goal of doubling tigers would require collaborative crossborder efforts across Asia and an eco-system wide approach to revitalize a healthy habitat, from grasslands to prey population. The tiger is therefore also a symbol for humanity’s stance on a sustainable natural environment for our future generations. As Asian Tiger countries continue to roar forward economically, Ajitora and Tx2 represents a vision for Asia’s natural habitat and its wild tigers to be Roaring Forward Together!

Supporting Tigers @ DotAsia

Tigers are symbolic of Asia:

The DotAsia scope. Tigers come only from Asia and all across Asia. We believe tigers and the natural environment should roar forward together with the economy.

Tigers symbolizes sustainable development:

The DotAsia mission for a sustainable Internet. The Internet is hurting tigers through illegal trade and careless sharing, but technology also promises an ecosystem wide approach for progress.

Tigers are a symbol for global collaboration:

The DotAsia vision for a collaborative Asia. Tigers roam free across borders. Like Internet governance, cross-jurisdictional collaboration to tackle abuse is paramount.