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<h1 style="font-weight:bold; color:#FFF;">Kobe.Is.Asia | Ajitora @ 078Kobe Festival 2018</h1>

O78Kobe Festival 2018

O78Kobe Festival 2018

O78Kobe Festival 2018

DotAsia is proud to be one of the premium sponsors of 078kobe ( www.078kobe.asia ) this year. As part of this meaningful collaborative Asia campaign, our NetMission Ambassadors ( http://www.netmission.asia ) will be joining force with students in Japan to host a 2-day educational camp, “078Kobe x DotAsia’s NetMission: Internet Governance Boost Camp”. Our key ambassador Ajitora ( https://www.ajitora.asia ), the .Asia Tiger, will also be at the event to help uniting Kobe citizens to find their Asian identity.

A social media campaign will be launched, inviting Kobe citizens to take a selfie with Ajitora, by sharing their photo with hashtag #KOBEisASIA to win a limited edition 078kobe x Ajitora totebag.

Starting from #KOBEisASIA to wherever you may be, .Asia hopes to encourage citizens of the world to rise with Asia!

What is 078kobe?

A new cross media event for Kobe from Kobe! 078kobe (www.078kobe.asia) aims to develop Kobe as a city full of charm and vitality. Established in 2017, 36,500 people from home and abroad had participated. You will find exciting activities for “Music“, “Film“, “Animation“, “Fashion” and “IT” goers. Don’t miss it!

Ajitora Photo Game – Shoot, Submit, and Redeem a Prize

How to Play? 

  1. Take photos with the below Ajitora images at 078Kobe
  2. Upload the photo to your social media account (ie: Instagram or Twitter
  3. Hashtag #KOBEisASIA & #078Kobe
  4. Show at least 2 images taken from 6 venues and redeem your prize at KIITO
  5. Please follow Ajitora Instagram & Facebook: @ajitora

(First-Come-First-Serve. While Stock Last)

(For Japanese game details, click here.)

078 Film
078 Interact
078 Kids
078 Kids
078 Kids
078 Kids
078 Kids

Play the Ajitora Photo game and redeem this great looking bag!

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About Ajitora

Contact Us

Mailing Address:
12/F Daily House,
35-37 Haiphong Road
Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Media Contact: ajitora@dot.asia
Book Ajitora: ajitora@dot.asia
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Email Ajitora: me@ajitora.asia

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