What an exciting summer month! I had the opportunity to take part in so many stimulating and meaningful activities and met so many new friends.

For the first time ever, DotAsia and the Dreamstarter Foundation debuted its most ambitious social innovation program, GoDream.asia with a three-day summer program and competition. Between July 17 to 19, I helped to inspire 80 primary school youths in Hong Kong to dream big and encouraged them to be a changemaker in their school and community. In just a short three days, the teams built schools on cruise ships, developed IT programs just for girls, created a Pokémon themed school, assembled solar powered models … some even role-played the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, Ms. Carrie Lam 😛 Their creativity went wild!

Leading up to Global Tiger Day on July 29, World Wide Fund (WWF) Hong Kong and I were zipping around town preparing to spread our Tx2 message. First Mr. Peter Cornthwaite, CEO of WWF HK and I went to the opening of the Hong Kong Kids International Film Festival to talk about Tigers and Asia at the post-screening of “Shimarjiro in Bookend” movie. Every day from July 28 to Aug 6 at the WWF HK “Tx2 Be a Tiger Ranger” roadshow at Cityplaza, Hong Kong, I have been meeting new friends and showing them how forest rangers can protect wild tigers from poachers, RRRWAR!

It’s been a bustling month and we’re building momentum … Great things will happen! Let’s keep it up!